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Appendix A: Selected Music for Wellbeing

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Educational Resources Music as Medicine:

The Art and Science of Healing with Sound by Kay Gardner. Using twenty-three years of experience in the field, this educational series explores the unseen relationship between brainwaves and music; music therapy techniques; the law of octaves; the nine healing elements of music; simple exercises for finding your own tone; and much more. Gardner teaches the major elements and techniques within the science of sound healing, and explains how they are used to "entrain" (synchronize) the body to harmonize with the hidden vibrations of the universe. She unravels mysteries of music's therapeutic role through the ages, and shares new research into how sound vibrations affect the chakras and auric fields that many believe surround us. The result is this twelve-session curriculum—complete with exercises—on every phase of Gardner's pioneering system for creating melodies, rhythms, and harmonies with the power to heal. Six audiocassettes.

Healing with Great Music: How the World's Great Music Can Inspire Your Heart and Your Health by Don Campbell. Ancient Greek philosophers believed that the human soul could be perfected through sublimely composed music. This astonishing concept is actually being mirrored by research that points to the links between sound and a balanced, energetic life. Explore these findings and the phenomenal effects of sound on the human body-mind with Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect and the founder of the Institute for Music, Health, and Education. Learn how music can help orchestrate improved health by its effects on awareness states, movement, the imagination, language development, and even specific functions of the body. Two audiocassettes.

Body-Mind Healing Music Sound Body/Sound Mind by Andrew Weil, M.D., and others. A multifaceted sonic tool for health, relaxation, and wellbeing. Dr. Weil and brainwave expert Anna Wise have designed a sound/brainwave frequency schematic. Soothing music from Mozart, Mahler, Bach, and Brahms has been rearranged to complement the frequency score. Performed by Arcangelos, this recording facilitates deep, self-directed healing through pulse-entraining rhythms, timbres, and melodies combined with clinically tested sound-wave technology. Sound Body opens with a brief meditation by Dr. Weil before a sixty-minute sonic journey in which your brain is coaxed into subconscious brainwave states conducive to self-directed healing. Sound Mind, the companion album, explores sound healing. Dr. Weil speaks on music and sound in health. Anna Wise explains frequencies, and Joshua Leeds elaborates on psycho-acoustics. Double CD and sixty-four-page booklet.

The Magic of Healing Music by Deepak Chopra, M.D. Music, through its vibratory impulses on the human heart, can be a subtle yet powerful healing force, restoring balance to the mind and body. These melodies and rhythms are designed to create harmony between the environment and the body, mind, and spirit. The Magic of Healing Music provides nourishing, harmonizing sounds to help balance the basic forces of nature that govern our lives. Double CD.

Cho Ku Rei by Weave. This music, designed for Reiki healing, is equally effective for bodywork, meditation, simple relaxation, or nighttime listening. Warm melodies, plenty of space between the musical passages, and an overall sense of wellbeing fill this recording. Single CD.

Healing Journey by Emmett Miller, M.D. Many people find this beautiful recording perfect for any illness or imbalance—physical, mental, or emotional. It features the music of Raphael, a symphony composed specifically to enhance Dr. Miller's imagery and performed by world-renowned artists. Guided by Dr. Miller's voice, you can relax deeply in a safe place, contact and gently awaken your inner healer, and guide the healing energy to the part of you that thirsts for it. Side two, Breathing Music, presents the same musical tapestry without words, to nurture and support your inner journey. Single audiocassette. Other selections from Dr. Miller can be found at www.drmiller.com.

Treasures of the Heart: Keepsakes of the Harp by various harp musicians. The harp is one of the most characteristic instruments of a timeless healing tradition. In ancient times, harpists used three properties, or strains, in their music, each property having a different effect. The "sleep strain" lulled people to sleep, the "sorrow strain" caused people to weep, and the "joy strain" encouraged people to laugh. These three harp strains are still properties of harp music today—music that can lull us into a restful state, bring tears to our eyes from its beauty, or enliven us and set the foot tapping. Playing the harp confers a special privilege upon all harpists—the ability to unlock the doors of the soul. Nineteen accomplished therapeutic harp practitioners use their healing art to take you on a journey of peace and restoration. These tunes will fill you with images of lively places, contemplative sanctuaries, and pastures of melancholy. Single CD.

Chants and Healing Mantras Christian Women in Chant: Chants by Women in Praise of the Divine by the Benedictine nuns of Regina Laudis. The nuns of the Regina Laudis Abbey invite you to enter their sacred cloister and into the divine mystery embodied within the spiritual cycles of a woman's life—the virgin, the bride, the spouse, and the mother. Recorded for the first time is a complete repertoire of prayer in song to the Four Virgin Martyrs and Our Lady of Sorrows—a celebration devoted solely to the praise of womanhood and the Divine. For the women of Regina Laudis, this is much more than a musical performance: it is the highest form of prayer, a deep and abiding contemplative practice "with the power to communicate to listeners the life of God as no other music does." Twenty-four hymns, antiphons, and other works in the original Latin. Single CD with accompanying booklet.

Vox de Nube: A "Voice from the Cloud" by Ní Riain. Nóirín Ní Riain and the monks of Glenstal Abbey continue a thousand-year-old tradition: giving voice to mystical hymns of praise, inviting us to link heaven and earth. For its rare examples of Western liturgical chant, this recording is certainly important. As vocal music, it thrums with mystical vitality. Nóirín's singing is startling in its clarity, blissful, and evocative of profound spiritual grace. Single CD.

Buddhist Drops of Emptiness: Songs, Chants, and Poems by Thich Nhat Hanh, Sister Chan Khong, and the Monks and Nuns of Plum Village. In the Vietnamese Zen tradition, mindfully chosen music and words can serve as "soothing droplets" to cool the heart. Recorded on location at Plum Village in France. These deeply felt works include poetry of legendary Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and the Vietnamese folk songs and Buddhist hymns of Sister Chan Khong. One review wrote, "Sister Chan Khong . . . sings poems and prayers with the power of the angels. . . ." Single audiocassette or CD.

Sacred Mantras for Peace and Happiness by the Monks of the Tolu Tharling Monastery: Music for Reflection and Relaxation from the Far East. Some of the most loved and sought-after mantras from India and Tibet; some of the proceeds go to support the monastery. From the liner notes: "Music and religion have always been two of humanity's great refuges from the travails of reality and, at best, towards a higher consciousness. Appreciation of the two in combination should not be the sole preserve of the enlightened." Double CD.

Chants to Awaken the Buddhist Heart by Lama Surya Das and Steven Halpern. A mixture of ancient Buddhist mantras with Western styles, this musical selection is a historical collaboration between chant master Lama Surya Das and composer Steven Halpern. Innovative musical arrangements encompass traditional and Sanskrit chants, while rich instrumentals show flavors of hip-hop, Indian raga, and a dash of Jimi Hendrix–style rock. Single CD.

Jewish Sacred Chants of the Contemporary Synagogue. This live recording features New York mezzo-soprano Cantor Rebecca Garfein in a 1997 Berlin Jewish Cultural Festival concert, documenting the first female cantor to sing in Germany as a soloist. Breaking a new barrier for women with this concert, Cantor Garfein is accompanied by New York organist Arnold Ostlund Jr. and Berlin's nine-voice Pestalozzistrasse Synagogue Choir. Cantor Garfein is the musical leader of the Riverdale Temple in Riverdale, New York. The cantorial music featured on the CD is operatic in character, featuring some of the most popular prayers sung in modern synagogues in the United States. Highlighted on the CD are Ravel's memorial Kaddisch and Kurt Weill's Sabbath Kiddush. Also featured is Max Janowski's Avinu Malkeynu, a well-known prayer sung as part of the High Holy Day liturgy. Single CD.

Indian/Hindu Magical Healing Mantras by Namasté. Twenty-five musicians, united from around the world, use their voices, guitars, flutes, sitars, tablas, and a tarang to create this memorable East-West musical fusion that is both exotic and familiar. The healing and transformational powers of these seven Sanskrit mantras are available to all who listen. This recording features the Gayatri Mantra, and will calm the mind with tones meant to bring peace and healing to the listener. Single CD.

Door of Faith by Krishna Das. Original songs, invocations, and Sanskrit prayers, recorded with violin, cello, organ, trumpet, piano, and guitar, merge into a semiclassical fusion of Sanskrit and Hindi verses with Indian music. This recording allows listeners into their own world, whether practicing yoga, meditating, or decompressing from the stress of the workaday world. Single CD.

Healing Mantras: Sacred Chants from India by Shri Anandi Ma and Dileepji Pathak. The yogic healing arts of India—a tradition that dates back at least 5,000 years—postulate that all illness is the result of a disturbance in the prana, or human energy field. On this CD, Shri Anandi Ma, respected master of the Kundalini Maha Yoga lineage, chants three mantras specifically to reestablish balance on the level of the prana. These chants can impart a powerful healing impulse to the entire human system—body, mind, and spirit. Accompanied by Shri Dileepji Pathak on tamboura, flute, and violin. Single CD and fourteen-page booklet.

Sufic/Islamic Sufi Chants from Cairo by La Confrerie Chadhiliyya. Sufism began as early as the eighth century. Works like this serve to help the practitioner gain direct experiential contact with God, using techniques that heighten concentration and spiritual awareness. Sufis who practice rituals such as sama' or dhikr, or who participate in the whirling dances made famous by Turkish dervishes, will especially appreciate these recordings. Others will appreciate the expressive Arabic poetry and Koranic detail that is offered. Poetic and rhythmic, making use of Asma'u l-Lahi l'husna (the beautiful names of God) in various modes, this recording demonstrates techniques that inspire many and are works of linguistic beauty for all. Single CD.

Meditation/Relaxation Music for Zen Meditation: Shakuhachi Flute Compositions by Riley Lee. Riley Lee creates a quiet pathway to an inner peace with soothing solos and duets. Tracks such as "Sea Breezes," "Under the Stars," "Divine Ecstasy," "Whispers of Eternity," and "Soaring with the Eagles" are a few of the twenty-two selections. Don't let the title limit your imagination. Yoga practitioners, meditation students, massage therapists, healers, and people who love beautiful, gentle, uplifting, and soothing sounds all have responded well to this title. Double CD.

Timeless Motion and Fragrances of a Dream by Daniel Kobialka. Timeless Motion contains a unique rendition of Pachelbel's Canon in D, a soothing classic, plus two original compositions, Timeless Motion and Lullaby. Fragrances of a Dream features compositions by Erik Satie, plus a distinctive rendition of Bach's Air on a G String (as popularized by Procol Harum in A Whiter Shade of Pale). Bernie Siegel, M.D., says, "I found years ago that music creates a healing; I find Kobialka's to be the best available." One CD each.

The Silent Path by Robert Haig Coxon. One of the first and most enduring titles recommended to massage practitioners from coast to coast, this combinination of gentle keyboards, Tibetan gongs, and orchestral instruments such as oboe and flute makes for deeply moving, peaceful music. Coxon adds a few Pachelbel-like touches along the way. This title can be played for years without losing any of its appeal. Single CD.

Classical, European Classical music, particularly pre-twentieth century, may express struggle and conflict, but the outcome is always redemptive rather than hopeless. Instead of causing you to separate or disassociate from your body, these musical compositions encourage an alignment within you, helping you to harmonize yourself with the natural healing rhythm of your own body and the healing energies of the earth.

The pre-Baroque and Baroque periods offer much music that is soothing, full, rich, and harmonious. There are many recorded collections of this music that offer favorites like Pachelbel's Canon in D and compositions by Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Handel, Monteverdi, and Palestrina. Almost anything by J. S. Bach is wonderful. Start with any of the Brandenburg Concertos; these contain a tremendous variety of moods and feelings, from joy and serenity to deep sorrow. And, if you have about four hours of listening time, experience the Saint Matthew Passion.

Listening to music that expresses pure sorrow can be transforming of one's own sorrow. Beethoven, in particular, transformed his grief and sorrow into works of great beauty and redemption. For a mood of happiness and contentment, listen to his Sixth Symphony; for pure joy, his Ninth Symphony ends with the famous "Ode to Joy."

The music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart generally inspires a sense of magic, joy, and delight and offers much to choose from: symphonies (start with the Jupiter Symphony), violin concerti, piano concerti, operas, sonatas for almost every instrument, and more. If you weren't fortunate enough to have seen Amadeus in a 70-mm movie theater, rent it from your video store.

Many excellent recordings of Chopin's music are available, particularly his nocturnes for piano, which are dreamy, contemplative, and restful.

Mahler's symphonies are great. For delightful, life-giving sounds listen to his Fourth Symphony.

Almost anything written for violin is usually heart-filling. There are violin concertos by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Bruch, Tchaikovsky, and many other composers. The cello, too, seems to resonate deep within the body. Choose from among many wonderful compositions written for the cello. String quartets, especially those of Beethoven, can also be uplifting.

The Mozart Effect Music for the Mozart Effect #1: Strengthen the Mind. For intelligence and learning: It is designed to "charge the brain"—to achieve the kind of effect documented in the innovative research done in the early 1990s by Frances H. Rauscher, Ph.D., at the University of California at Irvine, which found measurable IQ increases after listening to certain Mozart pieces. Use it before and while studying and reading. Single CD.

Music for the Mozart Effect #2: Heal the Body. Designed to soothe and relax your body, and reduce mental and emotional stress, this recording is great for unwinding at the end of a busy day and will help you achieve a state of calm and tranquility in the face of the pressures of life. It is also good for quiet times or relaxed, romantic dinners, or for gently floating toward sleep at day's end. Includes selections from the String Quartet no. 16, Piano Concerti no. 20 in D Minor and no. 21 in C Major, Concerto for Flute and Harp, Sonata no. 1 for Organ and Orchestra, and the "Posthorn" Serenade no. 9. Single CD.

Music for the Mozart Effect #3: Unlock Creative Spirit. Designed to help you access your creative voice. Personal expression, be it in the form of journaling, drawing, painting, or simply letting the imagination run free, is an important part of mental and spiritual health. Mozart can provide a pathway to your personal creativity, unlocking waves of images and impressions and amplifying the expressive inner voices. Includes selections from Twelve German Dances, String Quartet in D Major, Symphony no. 4 in D Major, Piano Concerto no. 1 in D Major, and the Piano Variations on "Ah, Vous dirai-je, Maman." Single CD.

Nature's Creatures and Sounds Dolphin Song by Bjorn Melander. Dolphin songs joined together in harmony with the relaxing, peaceful tones of the harp and flute. Experience a connection with these great mammals' consciousness and you will be filled with their joy and playfulness. Single CD. Whale Song by Bjorn Melander. Whale Song harmonizes the beautifully gentle sounds of the flute and keyboard with recordings of songs from wild orcas (killer whales). This recording will take you on a journey to experience the wisdom and grandeur of the whales. Single CD.

Individual environmental sounds. Environmental sounds, such as the sounds of ocean waves, the rainforest, thunderstorm, and bird song, are excellent for relaxation and for encouraging sleep. Find many choices at www.nature-music-therapy.com.

Music for Dying and Other Transitions Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying. A two-CD set with a fifty-six-page gift book, featuring an introduction by Ira Byock, M.D., and foreword by Sam Keen. The project consists of music with timeless messages and prayers for those facing life-threatening illness, preparing for dying, or meeting other transitions. The spoken-word portions are by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hanh, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Arun and Sunanda Gandhi, and other mentors and guides. The stirring and heartfelt music is by Emmy award–winning composer Gary Malkin. Many other artists contribute to the music tracks, which underscore the narrative and spoken-word portions, and appear as a collection of instrumental-only selections on the second disc. This inspired blending of words and music opens hearts and serves as "soundtracks to your soul"; it is a powerful tool for the grieving as well as a mirror for the aching heart. Double CD and book.

Before Their Time (vols. I and II) by various artists. A collection of songs and music written in memory of people who died young. Featuring original performances by the singer-songwriters and composers, this benefit album was produced by the father of a young man who took his own life. A music resource for people mourning the death of someone close, the music on Before Their Time brings comfort, healing, and hope, wrapped in a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from classics by internationally known artists to a début song and performance. Before Their Time was produced with grants and donations from foundations and individuals, and all sales of the album benefit suicide prevention and hospice organizations. Extensive liner notes include song lyrics and notes on each selection—many by the artists themselves—plus essays about surviving suicide, music's powerful role in the healing process, SOS (Survivors of Suicide), and hospice bereavement support groups. Includes a listing of Web links to related sites. Each volume is a single CD.