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Chapter 1: Wellness, Self-Responsibility, and Love

Suggested Reading (with links to purchase the book at Amazon.com)

Note: Amazon listings change as new editions come out--please notify us if one of the listings below becomes obsolete --thank you

Capacchione, L., The Creative Journal: The Art of Finding Yourself (Newcastle, 1989).

Dadd-Redalia, D., Home Safe Home: Protecting Yourself and Your Family from Everyday Toxics and Harmful Household Products in the Home (J. P. Tarcher, 1997).

Dossey, L., Healing Beyond the Body: Medicine and the Infinite Reach of the Mind (Shambhala, 2003).

Jampolsky, G., Good-Bye to Guilt: Releasing Fear through Forgiveness (Bantam Books, 1985).

Levey, J., and M. Levey, Living in Balance: A Dynamic Approach for Creating Harmony and Wholeness in a Chaotic World (Conari, 1998).

Moss, R., How Then Shall We Live? (Bantam, 1996).This book appears to have disappeared--at least on Amazon

Muller, W., Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives (Bantam, 2000).

Weil, A., Health and Healing (Houghton-Mifflin, 1998).


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