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Cover design by Naomi Schiff, Seventeenth Street Studios

Interior design by Betsy Stromberg

Illustrations on pages xx, xxi, xxv, xxvi-xxx, 2, 23, 28, 46, 51, 129, and 133 by Ellen Sasaki

Illustration on page 143 by Bruce Mills

Photos on pages 136, 137, and 138 by Christina Sell, Anusara Yoga instructor and owner of Prescott Yoga (Prescott, Arizona). Visit www.prescottyoga.com for her photos and descriptions of yoga asanas.

Harvard Pyramid reprinted with permission from Harvard School of Public Health (Cambridge, Massachusetts).

"Stamp Out Oughtism" reprinted with permission from Swami Beyondanada (Steve Bhaerman). Visit www.wakeuplaughing.com.

Websites of Authors of Forewords

Lawrence W. Green, DrPH (3rd edition)

Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD (2nd edition)

Suggested Reading (with links to purchase the book at Amazon.com)

Note: Amazon listings change as new editions come out--please notify us if one of the listings below becomes obsolete --thank you

Capra, F., The Tao of Physics (Shambhala, 2000).

Russell, P., From Science to God: A Physicist's Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness (New World Library, 2003).

Wolfe, F. A., Mind into Feeling: A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit (Moment Point, 2000).

Young, A., The Reflexive Universe, revised edition (Anados Foundation, 1999).

Zukav, G., The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics (Bantam, 1994).